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New Moon Nidra with Richard Harding & Jude Murray

Saturday 18th November

2pm – 6 pm
Uckfield Yoga Studio

You are invited to slow the pace; feel the body’s wisdom, listen deeply and rest the mind. In time with time awaken to conscious sleep in the cradle of presence.

‘New Moon Nidra’, an afternoon of Heartfelt practice; Yoga, Sound, movement and Yoga Nidra (Sleep of the Yogis), hosted and facilitated by Richard Harding (Richard Harding SatBodhi Yoga) and Jude Murray (Ceibhfhion) at Uckfield Yoga Studio.

An experiential workshop suitable for all bodies and abilities. No previous experience necessary.

You will leave nourished, rested, and rejuvenated with tools and experience to take into your own practice.

In ‘sleep’ the brain-body is alive. Healing itself, growing, processing, and present only to itself. As consciousness changes and the body is given full reign to slow down and reconfigure. In this altered-state the brain processes the tangle of sensorial information, we learn, remember (reconstruct) and evolve. Allow us to guide you into ‘conscious sleep’, a state where you may access the flow state and the space of healing.

Yoga and movement is influenced by Scaravelli alongside the experience of a Butoh trained dancer and will be an invitation to go slow and deep with body awareness, breathing and posture. There will be meditation accompanied by Himalayan singing bowls and native American flutes.

Yoga Nidra is a practice which guides the participant on a journey through the body towards in a place of conscious sleep using image and imagination. The language of the body is after all metaphor.

In this state brain wave activity is shifted from beta or alpha (30Hz- 7.5Hz) to theta (7.5Hz- 3.25Hz) and potentially delta waves (3.25z-0.5Hz). These frequencies represent the states of conscious from wakefulness and the alert, focussed (at high- beta, stressed and in the fight, flight or freeze mode) mind to that of meditation, REM sleep, deep sleep. The possibly of moving into delta wave activity which can facilitate the transcendental or healing experience. The state of alpha-theta (7.8 Hz) is a place called ‘flow’. This flow state is the experience of the ‘now’. If we can access this state we are one, the illusion of time falls away as the brain-body comes into presence. Creativity, spontaneity and the beauty of being shines.

£50 (we operate an inclusivity policy, don’t let finance hinder experience so please ask)

Directly via FB messenger

or email

Please bring:
• Your yoga mat (and any bolsters, blocks, blankets that you enjoy using) • Comfortable clothing to practice in. Although the studio is warm it is advisable to bring an extra layer and socks.

Richard is a Yoga and Movement facilitator (RYT200, member of Yoga Alliance) and bodyworker standing for healing; an artist, musician and gardener. He is passionate about consciousness, the body, its anatomy and ecology. His journey traverses the arts and sciences and ranges from dance training and performance, BA Hons Fine Art Painting, to medicine working as a Paramedic Practitioner in the NHS, (BSc Healthcare practice- Paramedic Practitioner). In 2001, he lived and trained in with Min Tanaka (Butoh dancer/farmer) at Bodyweather Farm, and DAnce Resources on Earth, Japan. His research, teaching and caring practices span 25 years The Yoga has been influenced by the teachings of Vanda Scaravelli. He has recently become interested in Yoga Nidra, a practice that addresses the practitioner directly, and with scientific evidence, to the neurophysiology of consciousness. Through these practices, we can access various altered-states recordable as ‘brain waves’ that can, in turn illuminate and invite space for healing.

Jude is a yoga teacher and therapist, healer, body worker and Anam Cara, with some twenty five years’ experience as a teacher, trainer, group facilitator and celebrant. Jude’s heart offering is Celtic Yoga a seasonally aligned practice informed by her personal practice of Celtic Druidry. She also specialises in Yoga for Cancer, integrative care and palliative care, and has been course director on Healing Space – Yoga for People Living with Cancer – since 2011. She is an IYN Yoga elder, Yoga Alliance Professionals Senior Teacher, a senior teacher of Embodied Yoga Principles and an Embodiment coach. She is a Scot based in Brighton and teaches here, across the UK, and internationally.

Regular Classes

Monday evenings 7:30 pm  – 8:45 pm @ Evolution Arts, Brighton. 10 week course – booking required. See below for details

Wednesday and Thursday EARLY MORNING yoga classes – 7:30 – 8:30 am @ About Balance, 22 Gloucester Place, Brighton. Drop in. All welcome!

Plus regular cover for Vidyadasa at Brighton Buddhist Centre

Hatha Yoga Course

Tutor: Jude Murray
Location: Evolution Arts, 2 Sillwood Terrace, Brighton BN1 2LR
Next start date: Monday 11 September 2017



This course will help build greater awareness, strength and balance, relaxation and ease of movement and embodied range through the practice of Hatha yoga postures, breathing exercises, relaxation, meditation, gentle seasonal energy work and modern Embodied Yoga Principles.

What does this course cover?

In this practice we will start from the ground up, exploring our relationship with gravity and our breath,  and  moving into ways of moving and being using asana – the yoga postures  –  as a way of exploring our bodies . Asanas are designed to move and stretch the body in all planes – to maintain ease of movement, strength, range and flexibility. Using elements of Embodied Yoga Principles, we take an approach to  practising yoga postures  that is about taking the lessons learned in yoga off the mat, and into life. Likewise, the practices of breathing and relaxation are excellent ways of managing the stress and pressures of every day life and of building strength, resilience and ease. The class will offer a different focus each week to help gently attune bodies and minds to the shifting energy of the seasons. This way of practising yoga is open and accessible to all and offers layered activities, including adaptations,  for all levels of experience and ability.


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