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Healing Space touchNew for 2015

Healing and Therapeutic Touch for people living with cancer – And other life-limiting health conditions


Course Aim

The aim of this three day intensive course is to train healing and caring professionals in the art of giving therapeutic touch and  in developing the skills, knowledge and qualities to  offer touch therapy to people living with cancer or other life-limiting conditions

The course is suitable for suitably qualified professionals – massage and body workers, energy therapists, yoga teachers, caring professionals, health care professionals or chaplains who have a personal and professional desire and commitment to offer healing and therapeutic touch to people living with cancer or life limiting illness.  The course may also be suitable for non-professional carers who wish to offer healing or therapeutic touch in a non-professional capacity  for friends or loved ones.

The course will cover additional knowledge around working with people with cancer and other life-limiting conditions. This knowledge and its application will be assessed through written papers and teaching practice  and will also require a fair amount of reflection, reading and personal practice. The course content is as follows:

Overview of Cancer

  • Types of cancer, causes and risks
  • Heart disease. COPD. Neurogenerative Disease.
  • Treatments: Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments and their side effects
  • The psychological impact of living with a cancer diagnosis, or other life-limiting illness. and coping with treatments
  • The social impact of living with a cancer diagnosis, or other life limiting illness, and the patient experience

Offering Therapeutic and Healing Touch

  • Theory- The energy body – meridians, chakras, auras
  • The importance of touch in healing.
  • The application of touch. Ways of touch.
  • Energy Healing – Centring and protection. Channelling energy. Basic hand positions.
  • Offering gentle hand massage
  • Contraindications and cautions. Asking for permission.
  • The breath and relaxation
  • Guided visualisation and imagery

Creating a healing environment

  • Working from the heart
  • Holding space for healing
  • Boundaries, ethics, and energetic protection
  • Empathy, listening, compassion
  • Fear, anxiety, panic, Pain
  • Talking about death and dying
  • Looking after yourself – emotional support
  • Spirituality and philosophy
  • Meditation and mindfulness


The course involves 25  teaching/contact  hours including attendance of the intensive and email or skype meetings with the course tutors(s).  The students’ contributions to the course will be informally and formally assessed through group discussion, practical exercises and teaching practice. An estimated additional 10 hours of reflection and written work and 15 hours of personal practice are encouraged. Personal experience is at the heart of our teaching methodology. We encourage students in an intimate relationship with their own breath and bodies and to really feel and understand what is going on as they engage in the various practices. In total the course is worth 50 hours of training.

They will also be encouraged, in dealing with the subject matter of the course, to reflect on their own personal experiences of issues such as illness, fear, death and bereavement. They will also be encouraged to examine how touch impacts them on a personal level, and its importance in health and wellbeing. Through reflection they can be sure that they are making appropriate choices, because they will understand, directly or empathically, how the other person feels.

Assessment & Accreditation

Following the course, students will be require to complete a three month (minimum) self- internship during which they will complete three x monthly written assignments and complete three individual case studies. Certification will be awarded on successful completion of all course assignments, and through  observation by the course tutor(s) during the practical component of the course, The course is accredited by the CMA (Complementary Medical Assocation) Certification will allow the practitioner to join the CMA and to obtain insurance via Balens.


The cost of the course, including the three day intensive,  internship , assessment and certification is £325.

Dates and Venue(s) to be announced

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