An online learning option for studying the  full Healing Space course for yoga teachers is now ready to study!

The course is hosted online by Teachable (previously Fedora)

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This course is offered as an alternative to the intensive face to face training, but with  no less of a commitment and with no compromise on quality. The Healing Space online learning course has all of the elements of the face to face training, in a modular format, for those who maybe require a little more flexibility in their studies.

As with all of the Healing Space courses, there is a minimum six month self-internship requirement for certification. This can be done as you study. The minimum amount of time required to complete the course  content online is about three months, but it is recommended that you use the full six months to fully absorb and process the course materials. You have a maximum of 12 months to finish.

There will also be a requirement for three skype meetings with the course director during your studies, plus you will be required to be assessed by a qualified Healing Space teacher, and if not, to upload a video of you teaching. So being (or becoming) au fait with these technologies, or knowing someone who can help, is a must.

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The cost for the course is £580. There are bursaries of up to £200 available for those committed to doing this work, but who may be facing financial hardship for one reason or another. An installment scheme is also available.

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