Mentoring, Coaching & Supervision

Jude offers online mentoring, supervision and tutorials for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and yoga teachers or therapists in training .

This can be about:

  • Supporting your own yoga practice.
  • Supporting your teaching practice through mentoring, coaching or supervision.
  • Supporting you to support a client or a student who has cancer, through mentoring, coaching or supervision.

What are the differences between mentoring, coaching and supervision?

There are many overlaps, and in truth, meetings can end up being a blend of all of these things, but here are some working definitions of what we mean by these terms.

MENTORING is a formal or informal relationship set up in order to support you in your teaching practice, it is usually a long term or ongoing relationship where meetings do not have to have a fixed pattern but where you seek out the support and guidance of you mentor when you need it.

COACHING is a formal or informal relatiosnhip usually set up to support you with a particular issue, project or task. It is normally short term, or time limited in relation to the project, task or desired outcome.

SUPERVISION IS a formal relationship set up with a senior professional or a peer in order to reflect on and review your practice, to discuss individual cases in depth, to help change or modify your practice, to identify training and continuing development needs and to ensure that you are working within your scope of practice and professional and ethical boundaries

TUTORIALS are for students who are completing yoga for cancer course work.

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