Embodied Yoga 29 Nov

EY WorkshopHaving done the workshop with Mark, I can highly recommend it as a different perspective on your yoga practice. I found that it gave me some brilliant insights into how I move and live, into my movement patterns, and how I can live a more fully embodied life.

Here is Mark in a couple of Youtube videos, introducing the principles of Embodied Yoga.

How Embodied Yoga Works
mbodied Yoga Principles

Date: 29th November, 9.15 am for 9.30 am start (no entry after 9.35)

5.30pm finish.

Special Rates – The normal cost for the workshop is £75 but we are offering special rates to my friends and yoga students and would like you to pay what you can…

Choose how much you want to pay
Option 1 £35.00 GBP
Option 2 £40.00 GBP
Option 3 £45.00 GBP
Option 4 £50.00 GBP

Venue: In The Moment, Centre for Yoga, Movement & Wellbeing. 72 Berkeley Street, Glasgow, G3 7DS. www.inthemomentcentre.co.uk

NB – if you have current mental health issues, are suffering intense life stress or in some other emotionally vulnerable position please talk with us before signing up to see if the day is suitable

*you won’t be qualified to teach embodied yoga classes after a one-day introduction but will walk away with skills and principles you can incorporate into your own classes.

There is also a 1 Day Introduction to Embodiment on the 28th November with Mark Walsh at the same venue)