Course Dates

Healing Space Intensive course in UK (East Sussex) Spring 2019

Five days intensive training residential setting in Sussex. This is followed up by a a further six months internship and self-study during which time written work and a final assessment with the course director or a Healing Space senior teacher will be required. Full details of the course content can be found in the Prospectus.  Intensive course students also have full lifetime access to the online course content.



The cost for the residential course (inclusive of all teaching, accommodation, meals and certification) is to be confimed but will be around the £900 mark.

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A bursary of up to a £200 discount on the course for someone who meets the course requirements, but is unable to meet the full course fee. Please discuss this opportunity with me before applying.


Certification is dependent on completion of all face to face teaching days  plus the additional course work and final assessment. Full details are contained in the course prospectus. 


Internship is a self directed component of this course. There are a number of set assignments, including case studies and you will be required to complete monthly assignments and give feedback to the course director.  NB There is no requirement to find a placement, or to work in a hospital or cancer centre, or anything like that, but  if you do find an opportunity to do that, great!


The course is accredited by the Complementary Medical Association and recognised by the Independent Yoga Network as a post- qualifying course for yoga teachers.

You can apply for membership of the IYN here, and then have access to comprehensive insurance via BGi.

You can also apply for membership of the CMA and  insurance via Balens, who insure this course.

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