BOOK – Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer

“This practical guidebook explains how to adapt physical poses and breathing exercises for people with cancer. Offering guidance on meditation and relaxation techniques as well as providing an essential overview of living with cancer, treatments and side effects, the book emphasises the importance of physical space and demonstrates the personal and professional skills required toContinue reading “BOOK – Adapting Yoga for People Living with Cancer”

Earth Connection Meditation – Being with The Unknown (and the laundry!)

Blog Here is my second installment in “Being with the Unknown”  In this video, which also features my drying laundry (keeping it real here folks!) I offer a  simple embodied practice for deepening into our connection with the Earth and our relationship with gravity as a dynamic conversation.  We can feel into awareness of ourContinue reading “Earth Connection Meditation – Being with The Unknown (and the laundry!)”

Bursary Places available on our intensive course with Yogacampus

We are delighted to be able to offer bursary places of between 25% and 50% off the full course fee to people who would like to do the Yoga for Cancer training but are: In financial need OR Experiencing a cancer diagnosis themselves OR In a position to offer the benefits of the training toContinue reading “Bursary Places available on our intensive course with Yogacampus”

Healing Space now with Yogacampus

I am delighted that Healing Space Yoga for Cancer training is now being offered in partnership with Yogacampus, a not-for-profit organisation providing Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training, as well as continuing education (CPD) for yoga teachers, yoga therapists and experienced students in the UK, abroad, and online. You can view the prospectus here