Happy New Year!


No doubt your inbox is flooded with messages, courses, offers, promotions, and promises of a “New Year, New You!” Just this morning I was tempted – for a few moments of forgetting that I already have too much to do – to sign up for an abstract painting course!

Anyway – you will be happy, and perhaps not too surprised, to know that this isn’t any of that!

I come with news that Healing Space is gently downing tools in 2022.

It has been on my mind for a while. I have had a ‘proper’ job as a health care chaplain now since 2018, and thus my vocation has turned to ministry (as I believe it always was!) However, balancing that with running a yoga training has been challenging. In 2020 I added a Master’s course in Public Theology into the mix, and then of course the pandemic happened. I was working in the NHS then, so… you can imagine!

In July this year started work as a Hospice Chaplain. In Hospice I have found a place I really want to be. The work is beautiful and necessary and intense. I find that I have little physical or emotional energy to give Healing Space the time and focus it deserves.

To be honest The Yoga and wellness ‘industry’ right now is – quite frankly – deeply toxic. Those of you who know me, know how I feel and have always felt about all of that. But the pandemic has brought the worst aspects to the fore, and I don’t have the stomach for it. This, and my own spiritual journey has moved me in a very different direction. To those of you who are still out there doing the work and avoiding the toxicity, seriously, a deep bow!

So, what is the plan?

I do, of course, continue with my own practice, and there is a plan for Healing Space to be nurtured going forward. However, things are lying fallow for this year. And the time is right for me to focus on other things.

The Healing Space website will stay up, as will lifetime (or as long as the Teachable website exists) access to the online content for those enrolled. I I continue to teach on the yoga for cancer day or weekend modules on the Yoga Therapy trainings with Yogacampus and the Scottish School of Yoga Therapy. And of course, I highly recommend you buy my book!

My ‘Not Yoga’ work

If you want to follow what I am doing elsewhere, you are welcome to come and find me at judemills.com where you can read my blogs, and listen to my podcast.

I said this last year, and it definitely bears repeating….My wholehearted call and invitation is to take care of yourself, your loved ones and your wider community. If you are struggling, reach out to others, but I also invite you to do things for others. It has proven benefits for our wellbeing. Let’s work together to create, promote and sustain a loving and supportive community that will see us all through this period, and beyond.

With much love and many blessings for this coming year.

Jude xxx

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